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Alife on Freshness

Haven't had a chance to get into this, but there is a great feature on Alife on Freshness. But believe me this is where I am going to spend my lunch. I'm psyched.

Check it here. Dont pass it up.


Blogger poker-one said...

i have been into alife since bout 2001, i got some nike woven's at their alphabet city shop. got some alife stickers recently. i like the mix the have, thier stuff is really pricey and exclusive. you can get krink there. i hope they open up shop here in sf.

what do you think of this idea for a basic sticker?...


only have the defgrip.com part in color and the abc part in black or crossed out.
or even layed out on a chalkboard written in chalk, elementary school style, written like a kid practicing the alphabet.
i would rock defgrizzle stickers on my bike for sure.

6:05 PM  

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