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So for the past six months I have been hearing the name "The Cobrasnake." I checked him out, wasn't really feeling, it, heard about him again, checked him out again, wasn't really feeling it again, and I probably did that about four or five times, but again tonight my attention was brought to The Cobrasnake, so I said fuck it and tried to figure some info out about the guy.
I guess he lives in L.A. is a community college dropout, goes to parties and takes pictures. This guy must never sleep because tonight (before Halloween parties would have started) he had four galleries with 40 photos or more each of Halloween parties. I know everyone went out over the weekend, but fuck, four, already. The Cobrasnake is on it. Even though his photos are just typical party flicks, the quality is there.

You can spend hours going through his photos here - thecobrasnake.com


Blogger poker-one said...

i don't think that he took them all.
i believe that cobrasnake is just a guy who started it, you basically send him your party pics and then posts them on his site.
i might be totally wrong.

honestly i getting sick of these type of faddy artist hypes, i.e. neckface type of garbage. i would go on about what i am taling about but it will go an and on and on.. if you really want to know my feeling on this challah atcha boy

11:27 AM  
Blogger harrison said...

I know what you meen about neckface, but besides the few pics of the cobrasnake himself, he takes all of the pics, goes to all of the parties and definitely gets around. He said he goes to N.Y. like once a month.

11:38 AM  
Anonymous JIM said...

It used to be called polaroid scene, before the cobra snake shit. I know he used to take all the photos, and I was psyched to get up in there a few times. Its anything but what it is, a guy who take photos at LA parties( and sometimes other places)

4:50 PM  
Anonymous kc said...

he does more than just take photos also.
if you loook around L.A. he makes wheatpastes big drawings of a cobra w/ his head on them. i think its pretty funny..
people are too wrapped up in " its not art. blah blah blah" who cares.. hes probably the last to say that hes an artist.. people are into it.. even if it is just a fad.. fuck. what genre of "art" isnt just a fad?

8:16 AM  
Anonymous Carson said...

I stumbled upon cobra snake a while back. I always thought he did some funny stuff.

9:23 AM  
Blogger AMN said...

cobra snake is sooo silver lake, LA is awesome

12:58 AM  

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