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They are few and far between, but I always look forward to cool graffiti books. I've been waiting for this to one to drop for a little while now, and it still seems to be delayed for some reason (supposed to be out in sept.). The book is called "also known as", and looks to be pretty good. It seems to be very east coast and features notable new York artists and such with contributions from a ton of people.

go here www.akanyc.com and click on preview.


Anonymous RyCon said...

hey Nuno,
whats your opinion on that "marc ecko's: getting up" video game coming out thats based around graff?

12:46 PM  
Blogger --Nuno-- said...

i cant really say. im not much of a video game guy, but it looks to be cool. i would have to play it. at least they have some real dudes as characters. and by "real" i mean real-life graff artists, not "keeping it real".

7:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

so Nuno, what's your graff name?

9:21 AM  

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