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Jay Z and Nas

Where is Rich on this one?... So a few months back Jay Z announced that he was going to do a show called "I Declare War." He said he needed to get on stage again to get back at some people. There was so much speculation, I didn't pay much attention to it, but I could just imagine what would go down. If you don't know Jay Z and Nas have had a beef for a long time. One of my favorite Jay Z songs is Takeover, a song knocking Nas. Check it out if you have never heard it, it's amazing. While your at it check out the unplugged version, could be better. So anyway, Jay Z and Nas.... Kanye put Nas on his album and it was a huge deal, because he is under Jay, so the word was that Jay didn't know until the album dropped, but now that all of this shit went down, I'm sure he did. There has been so much more shit between them it's nuts, but they have kept it all business, never has it got out of hand... So to make a long story short, Jay and Nas together on stage. The whole "I Declare War" thing was just a publicity stunt, marketing at its finest. I guess there was a bunch of other stuff that went down, but I'm not going to ramble on any more, so check the link.



Anonymous Joe Cookie said...

Good lookin on the post.

We [are] savin' the East Coast with your help.

see also A.Z.

3:47 PM  
Anonymous rich said...

I was going to get on that one but I slacked. The rumor is that Nas is signing to DefJam cus he's a free agent now.

10:47 PM  

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