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Go to www.defgrip.com version 2 has been launched and this page will no longer be active.

There is no reason for me to talk about it here, just get to the new site, change your bookmarks and never come here again.


Miron Report

Self promo!!!!! I'll try to call my self out every time I do this, because this is not why I started Defgrip, but sometimes I am going to post on stuff Im involved with.

New Miron Report. Check it out. It's pretty tame this time, but it's always fun to hear what the Beast has to say.

Look out for the second version of Defgrip this week. I am finished, just working out the kinks. The new version will have so much more content and a bit more flair. We are all psyched to get it up.


People are doing cool things. A design competition with a "battling" theme. If you can make it, check it out.

The names of the contestants are links to their work.


Abacus Studios

I came across these guys yesterday somehow and thought I would drop a link. They are a design firm that has done some stuff for Orchid and Little Devil. They have some good work. Check em out. - abacusstudios.com

Vult X Goods

More posts on Rich's shit.... Vult Premier at Goods tomorrow night.

Lotek Video

Does this count as self promo if I have nothing to do with Lotek? If it does sorry, but this is definitely worth a post and since we haven't posted on the site for the longest time since the site has been up I figure I should get some shit up quick. I have an excuse, I've been out of town, but where is everyone else? Just playin, so here we go.... Trailer on the lotek site. If you check this before Rich gets his internet up you will see this before anyone else because he didn't get time to say anything in his news and then his internet went down, so the video is just chillin with no love. Click on the Mixtape box and you will find some good stuff.... Yah that last clip is Eddy and he doesn't have pegs....


Peekaboo Monster

Peekaboo Monster went to my art school, he graduated a year before I started, so i never got to talk to him all that much. I see him around town here and there and he has some art shows that pop up now and then. He and this girl that I did go to school with, Angle 179, are going to be up in Vancouver on the 11th doing a live installation at the Sneaker Pimps show.

If you don't know what Sneaker Pimps is, it's a traveling sneaker show with like 700 limited edition, and customized sneakers. The show is on November 11th at the Silk Haus - 135 Keefer Street Vancouver at 8pm.

I would love to check it out, but there is an opening for the space that I work in on the same night. If you are in Vancouver or have the ability to get there, definitely check this show out.

But more importantly check out Peekaboo Monsters stuff.

Here are the links:
Peekaboo Monster - peekaboomonster.com
Silk Haus - silkhaus.com
Sneaker Pimps - sneakerpimpsusa.com

Directors Label

You may have seen these around maybe not. they're basically DVD's with showcased work from selected directors that do amazing stuff. I've seen a few of these but not from the directors that are on the website now. It seems like they came out with four new ones since the last time I checked the site. Anyway if you want to see some amazing work its on these dvd's. I think you can get them at places like Urban Outfitters but if your not into that, google around for them here's the site.Directors Label

Winter Gear

If you are into skiing or snowboarding and you are looking for some new gear this season check out this site snowfashions.org It was put together by SIA who puts on the big snow tradeshow that is similar to interbike. They have all of the new stuff up from all of the brands put together in a great flash site.