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Roundabout Brand

So I have no idea how this one flew over the radar, I’ve even talked to Ali and Robin recently and not one mention, but Robin and Sebastian Keep started a clothing company and they just went on a tour and they are filming for a video and they have a good team and I didn’t know shit. Their company is called Roundabout and from what I read on their site, they just got their first batch of shirts in. Very colorful. I’m waiting for the signature Robin Fenlon stripped jumper! They have a great site with good news updates and there is trailer on there for the tour DVD that is going to be shipped with an issue of Ride UK. So many people have a “t-shirt company” (I’ve fell victim to this when I was young), but these guys seem to be pulling it off. They better, because they definitely have the resources too.

I’m feeling roundabout. Check their site here.


Anonymous joe Cookie said...

Feelin it!

11:30 AM  
Blogger AMN said...

i'm feeling lavar a little more. the one new shirt with the swiggly lines and the one line then writes out lavar, that thing is hot

11:52 AM  

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