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Alife Tennis Ball

Alife has been doing some dope stuff for a long time. They started in New York, but they are expanding all over the world. They just opened a new store in Vancouver and they have plans to open more stores over the next year. I don't know the whole story behind Alife, but they seem to have their hands into so many different things. They have been involved with Mass Appeal since the beginning, Kid America a New York public access show that was off the hook, Levis, every artist you can think of, they have a shoe company called rtft a shoe boutique called Rivington Club, and the most recent project is a collab with reebok. Not to much info about these shoes. I saw these the other day, but Al Cabino hooked me up with an email and I actually took a second to check them out. The shoes actually look hot. I have never been a huge fan of Reebok, although I definitely had some pumps back in the day, but just the shape of the shoe (besides the huge pump tung) looks great. I couldn't find a number, but I remember that it was super low like 100 pairs, I could be wrong.

Here a a bunch of links to Alife related stuff. Their website has always been small, so don't be surprised when there is nothing there.

- alifenyc.com
- rtft their shoe company (unrelated to the reebokXalife shoe).
- alife rivington club thier sneaker shop in nyc.
- Photos of Alife Vancouver
- Their third and newest store in NYC.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really wish you guys would stop posting things you've seen on other blogs. You're not going to appear cooler just because you make references to stupid hype shit (Bape, Supreme, Banksy etc.). More posts about things like David Singer would be much more interesting.

9:12 AM  
Blogger harrison said...

never posted on bape or supreme, and i didn't see any banskey stuff anywhere else when nuno posted about him. this shoe that i saw on another blog was just a small part of the post and the email that sparked the post was from Al Cabino of Sneakerfreaker, so i didn't just take some shit from another blog. Alife doesn't have much info on any of their sites, so i referenced what i could. most of the features and info happened to be on other blogs, so take it.

we are trying to do something fun with this site and we never try to appear cooler and if you look at our past posts this alife tennis shoe might be the first post that was allover the other blogs. glad you liked the david singer stuff, but look deeper before you take a stab next time. thanks for your support! whoever you are.

10:58 AM  
Blogger poker-one said...

i love alife, i hate reebok. i have never owned a pair nor have i really wanted to cop some. i kinda feel these only cause they are alife.
but didn't airwalk already come out with tennis ball, baseball, and basketball material shoes in the 90's. like the jim shoe?
these are cool to look at, thats bout it.

i have never really seen any bape stuff up in here. maybe the supreme vans are about as much supreme i have seen here. i think the first post is nice and lame. everyone is a critic, and eventually everyone will find out about one thing, one way or another.
i get bitter too when i am into something and next thing you know everyone is talking about it. but you have to get over it.

5:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yes, I'm hating. Just because you're posting lame shit. It's nothing personal. Let's see what's up on some other sites, so I can prehate the upcoming posts on this site. I thought you were the cool crowd in BMX, not the two steps behind the pack section. Work harder, be more inspired, make BMX cool again.

9:32 PM  
Blogger --Nuno-- said...

There is a differenace between copying news from another site and simply informing people of new things. i intentionally try not to post news after ive seen it on other sites.

shall we put more bmx news up that can be found on other websites and countless message boards? think about it "anonymous"

7:58 AM  
Blogger --Nuno-- said...

how many bmx kids know about ALIFE anyway?

8:00 AM  
Blogger poker-one said...

you got the hating right, why don't you say who you are. really, you sound like a toy... especially when you hide behind an anonymous login.

if you have that much of a problem, then stop coming here and start up your own, exclusive, hip, cutting edge, way cooler than you, jet setting blog yourself.
it doesn't seem as if you would want to tell anyone about it, or else it might be known to people other than yourself.
really, what are you so worried about. someone will find something cooler and get it before you?
thats some poseur status.

12:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are you actually old enough to use the word toy? Or did you pick that up playing some hip-hop video games? I like that you're trying but the squirt gun kinda makes you look like a little mama's boy. That's okay though, I don't want to make you cry and throw a little tantrum. You wouldn't want to get your dunks wet either, now would you?

1:42 PM  
Blogger poker-one said...

fuck you buster.
no i have been into graf for OVER 15years. i have been writing the same fucking name the whole time.
whats up does your mark ass want to battle or what the fuck is up bitch. watch who the fuck you dis kid. youre stupid.
the squirt gun is actually a pietoro beretta 9mm. its real, oh yeah ejects on the left.

well retard good going on making enemies. nice that you hide. fucking scaredy cat. i actually ride in my dunks, and if i was scurred of getting them wet, i guess i wouldn't want to put one straight up your ass. maybe in your mouth since you have diarhea spewing from it, i guess it would have the same effect.

so bitch ass, go ahead and talk some more shit, but be a man and say who the fuck you are.

i hit 30 this year, so i guess i am old enough to call your sorry ass a toy.
sorry to say but you have come off like a major fucking toy.
get lost fucker. im over it. ya fuckin trick ass bitch.

2:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is that Steffi Graf? Yeah, she was a great tennis player. But who isn't into her? Good news for you. Adidas is re-releasing her old kicks. Your favourite color too, mama's boy pink.
Or are your reffering to graff?

I'm sorry I made you throw a little tantrum.

3:24 PM  
Blogger poker-one said...

im sorry your mother birthed your sorry ass.
you are the one making the tennis references... and you are calling me a momma's boy. just a lil info. my mothers dead. leave that shit out your fucking mouth. so is my father so before you fuck up on that too...
fuck you are stupid.
why you still hiding?
say who the fuck you are, if you are all that.
step up, back your shit talk up homie boy. you are a sad joke.
a cant believe you are trying to clown the fact that i wrote graf, not graff.
you are the loser of the month and its only the 3rd.

3:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

im not saying who i am cause i shove carrots up my ass.

3:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I thought you were over it? What happened, did the tears mess up your dunks?

I told you so.

Just let it rest. You don't have the skills to battle me.

4:18 PM  
Blogger poker-one said...

Yes, indeed you put me in tears so bad that i ruined my dunks... however; they were straight up tears from laughing at your joke ass soo hard.
Honestly i feel ridiculous even commenting back at you; it seriously feels like i am playing chess against a downs syndrome quadriplegic in a coma.
Your weak, your nothing, and you couldn't fade me in a battle even if you had a paint by numbers piece made for your punk ass.

You and your so called skills are whack. You do nothing but front. And the sad thing is, the fact that you hide behind an anonymous login. You have a major case of small dick syndrome. Either that or you copped a case of h.i.v. and are hella bitter at the world. Any case, you blew it. You have made yourself the classic definition of the term buggaboo.
So that’s that. You lost out when you started runnin your trap. The only way that bmx could get any cooler is if you killed yourself.
You probably don't even ride, if you do then my guess is that you suck more dick at that than you actually suck dick.
So at this point i have to say that i am going to have to just ignore your bullshit. Like i said i feel kinda ridiculous responding to a complete retard.

8:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, look at you. You should be a rapper like Eminem or 50cent or something. You got the anger and the cool name; "POKER". Yeah, I'm feeling it.

"Look at me with my gun
Crying on my dunks
Like a little mama's boy
In graff for 15 years
but still a toy"

With some good beats to it. I would buy that CD.

11:29 AM  
Blogger poker-one said...

i know i said i was ignoring the bull shit but
here's is some real shit i would like to humor you with:

"i hide behind the anonymous login
cause im such a queer.
i think i am so clever when i use the word tear.
im just so bitter cause my daddy raped my on his john deere.
but i got skills galore so don't you fear.
i have no skills but im down to tell you whats up.
i may sound like im paid but im really bankrupt
theres no difference between me, and 32oz. cup of throw up.
i got bark like imma big dog but im a lil mangey pup.
yeah thats right you know i hide behind a computer.
but you know i am the shit on a razor scooter.
and you see my rollerblades cause im a fruit booter.
i play lead in my band, imma pro skin fluter.
i swear i am the authority on everthing in.
i have so many skills i dont know where to begin.
no thats not a huge pimple on my face, thats my chin.
yeah i rock chains made shit that cheaper than tin.
so hit me up cause i am always down for a e-battle.
when i see some thing wrong im the first to tattle.
yeah it was me, i started grunge in seattle.
but hold on for a sec i gotta replace a carrot with a baby rattle.
i got such an incredibly small wang.
i tried to hot box with god but couldn't hang.
so now i am bitter trying to make some new slang.
but i just got a call from tony, tonight's my 1st all male gang bang."

im glad you like my name.

12:20 PM  
Blogger poker-one said...

okay so i knocked that shit out inna matter of minutes.
my advise to you... cut it out.
i mean seriously, all this shit is really pointless. and it is not why these guys started this blog.

12:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yep, that's real shit alright.

12:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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