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Peekaboo Monster

Peekaboo Monster went to my art school, he graduated a year before I started, so i never got to talk to him all that much. I see him around town here and there and he has some art shows that pop up now and then. He and this girl that I did go to school with, Angle 179, are going to be up in Vancouver on the 11th doing a live installation at the Sneaker Pimps show.

If you don't know what Sneaker Pimps is, it's a traveling sneaker show with like 700 limited edition, and customized sneakers. The show is on November 11th at the Silk Haus - 135 Keefer Street Vancouver at 8pm.

I would love to check it out, but there is an opening for the space that I work in on the same night. If you are in Vancouver or have the ability to get there, definitely check this show out.

But more importantly check out Peekaboo Monsters stuff.

Here are the links:
Peekaboo Monster - peekaboomonster.com
Silk Haus - silkhaus.com
Sneaker Pimps - sneakerpimpsusa.com


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