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New Shit

New Lotek kicks are out. Get 'em at Goods or your favriote shop. The new releases consisit of the new mid-top, the "Throwback" and new colors in the "Troop" and Edwin's signature shoe the "Brooklyn". There not up on the site, so i won't bother with a link.

Odyssey just dropped a new limited color in the JC pedal. Not sure if this is the actual name of the color, but it should be... There calling it the "Adam Banton Honda Civic Teal JC Pedal". So good. Check it out here.

Ipod Log

Just when you thought the ipod accessory market was killed by all of the hip-holders and speakers/docks here comes the ipod log.... The story log was created by House Special. I don't have to much info on it other than it has been crafted by a 2 foot section of tree. Check out House Special's site. The have some great products... Such simple ideas... The magnet thumbtack is great. I'm inspired to build stuff.

new kanye album

So we all know the new Kanye album just dropped... does anyone think it was hyped up a little to much? or was it all that you expected. personally I think it may have been hyped up a tad to much, or, maybe it just hasn't sunk in yet, i dont know. post a comment about what you guys out there think of late registration. if you dont have it, its definitly worth buying dont get me wrong.

Bomb the System

It's gets a bit sketchy when people try to make money off graffiti and the whole street art scene, but this film looks kind of hot. The film is called Bomb the System and it's about kids in NYC taking over the city and the struggle of being on top... Typical plot, but they must of done something good because it took home 4 awards at the Sun Dance Film Festival. I haven't seen it yet, but I've heard good things. The filming is hot and the colors look great. Check the trailer out here.

Red Bull Elevation

The Red Bull Elevation contest is going down this weekend in Whistler B.C. We are definitely not the first ones to post about this contest, but we are here to reassure you that this will by far be the best dirt jumping contest ever... in the history of BMX. If you live anywhere within 20 hours of Whistler you need to get there. Nasty, Bohan, Doyal, Murray, Nyquist, Aitken... The list goes on, all riding on jumps that have been in the works for a month. If you want more info check the bmxonline site for an interview with Jay about the whole thing. Or check out the Red Bull Elevation site. 3/4 of Defgrip will be up there and we cant wait.

MacNeil Site

Just dropped the new version of the MacNeil site. Check it out. There is a bunch of new news, including a photo of Alistair and Slash from Guns and Roses... Big time. I'll try to keep the self pluggin down as much as I can, but I thought this was definitely Defgrip worthy. I spent the majority of the time building clean and quick html, so the site loads like a dream. Don't worry, the updates will be much more frequent, because everyone can update it now, not just my slack ass. There will be some big stuff dropping soon, so keep checking the MacNeil site. P.S. I haven't actual heard the new Kanye West album, but all of this anticipation is killing me. I know it's going to be SO HOT! I'm envious of Rich, I want to hear it. So i guess the co-producer, Jon Brion, played every single instrument on the album. I need a copy.

Instant Classic

Just copped a bootleg of the new Kanye album and It's hard to even put in to words how amazing it is. Kanye hooked up with the producer who did that big Fionna Apple album a few years back and some Tortoise stuff and together they made what could be the first succesful hip-hop concept album. It plays through like a soundtrack to a movie with long intrument orchestra breaks and every track is set to a different mood. If this one lets you down you should give up.


The next issue of Complex Magazine will have a small bit of Lotek in it. They did a BMX themed fashion section and you will find one of the models laced up with a pair of black Brooklyns. Like Harrison already said Complex is looking real nice so make sure to check it.

Studio 8

macromedia just dropped studio 8, check it.macromedia


Don't have much time to explain, but here are a two great sites for you to check out.
lifetime collective.
Lifetime is from Vancouver, and they make clothes and Scott Marceau takes pictures and his friend Brian email me and told me he found my site from Scott's, so that's how I found Scott's site. Check em.

Colin Winkleman

Colin took his life yesterday. Rest in Peace. More info on bmxonline.

expn marketing

So I was checking out some clips from the xgames on expn.com when i noticed in their "awesome!" commercials before the video clips, the espn logo flashes for a quick second in there... They have a preview for deuce bigalo the male giggalo and in the middle of that their logo flashes. Can you say FUCKED. I can. I thought they put a ban to the whole subliminal marketing stuff. Oh well, better get all of the "extreme" kids to buy all of your shit, right? Well regardless of the gross subliminal advertising... and to ad one more thing, if there isn't enough fucking ads on the website, on the tv during the contest, on the course and all over the riders, you know, while there at it just throw some more in there. So as i was saying Scotty Cranmer got robbed big time. He did like 50 bizilian things in 60 seconds. Mira did some good stock Mira shit, but Scotty came through with some good bangers as well as fillers. If you haven't seen the stuff all over the TV or if your like me and don't have cable check out the expn site. While your at it your might as well join the Army or buy some Mountain Dew.


So I was sitting on my computer, as usual.. and I was eating some "CINNAMON ROLL FLAVORED POP TARTS", and I have to say that I was very happy with the way they tasted!.!.! The way I look at it is "Defgrip is a place where we post things that we're phsyced on", I have to say these pop tarts are on the hot list, and I thought I'd let everyone know about that. Now im not going to put a link to the pop tart site, im not that lame. But next time your swinging through the poptart isle don't pass em up you'll wish you hadn't!

Blud Blood

So i posted about blue blood denim a few weeks ago and just came across thier website today. So much good stuff. The have it set up like a book. Just click through. Check it.


This is a quick little update, I just got the new issue of Ride UK and it comes with this Redbull dvd and its pretty good. It's actually a full length video too, not just a teaser. There is some unbelivable 16mm footage by Will Stroud. the mag was like 6 dollars but definitly worth it. I recomend getting one before their all out.


The new issue of complex just dropped, and who is on the cover? None other than everyone favorite, Kanye West, who's new album is going to drop at the end of the month and you know it is going to be a classic. If you haven't check out Complex yet you need to. It is by far one of the best magazines out right now. This issue is filled top to bottom with some great stuff... Obviously an interview with Kanye, some great fall fashion, as usual a bunch of hot kicks (when is lotek going to be in there?) and the 10 most beautiful women in the world. Go to you local 7-11 and pick this issue up now.


karmaloop is a good spot to look at for all of you online back to school shoppers, or whatever. they have good stuff at moderate prices. i've ordered a few things from there and it was the best online ordering experiance I have ever had.. go look at it, its neat.karmaloop

Ryan Seacrest is totaly awsome!

Check this out man! Mr. American Idol has just launched a cutting edge clothing line specializing in t-shirts with cutting edge graphics on them. WOW! In one of the articles I read, it said that Seacrest was getting recognition for his great style. It's so rad when people like that get credit for their style, when all they do is step into some clothes that their stylist throws in their face and the only reason their stylist knows what is hot is because they watch MTV. Fuck Ryan Seacrest. Look at his photo. He looks like a troll. Oh yah, did I menton it is called "The R Line." Great.


So I have always been psyched on we, but over the past year or so, they have really started to come on strong. There are so many clothing companies out there these days that it is hard to pick one from the other. Everyone is doing a tee shirt with spraypaint on it and calling them selves a clothing company. Not saying that I have never fallen victim to this, but I have really come to appreciate the brands that are pushing fashion and doing more that just a graphic tee.... Even though the WE graphic tees are so hot! But their line is so complete. The go all the way from eye cover things, to amazing cotton sweater to Japanese sewn selvage denim. (i tried a pair on today from the 06 spring line and they could be one of the best jeans I have put on my body), to a great eyewear line. I got a preview today of what is coming from these guys over the next year and believe me, you better watch out. Check out their website and get ready for what's coming.


fuel tv has a cool thing going on to get kids sponsered. heres what you do: send them in a one or two minute tape of you doing what ever it is you do. they will look it over and see if its worthy enough to air on tv. this could be your big chance guys! check out more details here. fuel

apple mouse

apple just dropped a new mouse that is quite the step up from their traditional one button mouse. For the new version they added, a right click, a few buttons on the side and the best feature, a scroll button on the top. This is definitely a great product and apple pulled it off once again, clean design with amazing features. check it out.