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So I have always been psyched on we, but over the past year or so, they have really started to come on strong. There are so many clothing companies out there these days that it is hard to pick one from the other. Everyone is doing a tee shirt with spraypaint on it and calling them selves a clothing company. Not saying that I have never fallen victim to this, but I have really come to appreciate the brands that are pushing fashion and doing more that just a graphic tee.... Even though the WE graphic tees are so hot! But their line is so complete. The go all the way from eye cover things, to amazing cotton sweater to Japanese sewn selvage denim. (i tried a pair on today from the 06 spring line and they could be one of the best jeans I have put on my body), to a great eyewear line. I got a preview today of what is coming from these guys over the next year and believe me, you better watch out. Check out their website and get ready for what's coming.


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