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MacNeil Site

Just dropped the new version of the MacNeil site. Check it out. There is a bunch of new news, including a photo of Alistair and Slash from Guns and Roses... Big time. I'll try to keep the self pluggin down as much as I can, but I thought this was definitely Defgrip worthy. I spent the majority of the time building clean and quick html, so the site loads like a dream. Don't worry, the updates will be much more frequent, because everyone can update it now, not just my slack ass. There will be some big stuff dropping soon, so keep checking the MacNeil site. P.S. I haven't actual heard the new Kanye West album, but all of this anticipation is killing me. I know it's going to be SO HOT! I'm envious of Rich, I want to hear it. So i guess the co-producer, Jon Brion, played every single instrument on the album. I need a copy.


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