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If you are looking for some new summer shades check out the new Penguin sunglass line here. I have always been psyched on Penguin and I was very excited to see they were introducing a eyewear line. If you are not into them you can always go with some good old Yves Saint Laurent Sunglasses.


So, this could be one of the dopest gadgest I have seen for a long time. The optimus keyboard. So this keyboad that has lcd's for keys and they can change for whatever program you are running. So if you want to rock all of the shortcust in Final Cut or Photoshop, just click a button and all of your keys will change to display all of the shortcuts. So hot. It should be out in 2006 and will cost a few hundred bucks. Get up on it.


If you checked out the update on holga's and you liked it, you might be interested in this too. lomo cameras now come with built in fisheye lenses. the best part about it is they're only about 50 dollars, cant beat that. Check out the site, theres a lot of other neat things on it as well. lomodotcom


I got this bit of info from Ben Ward. Thanks Ben.

Intermix/Myspace purchased by News Corp/Fox

News Corp. Owners of FOX News, also Bush supporters have purchased
Intermix - and thus Myspace. What does that mean for Myspace? I am not
sure. What does it mean for Myspacers that are not Bush supporters,
make your own opinion. Does this mean a huge swing back to Friendster?
It is hard to know. I just thought that people out there might want to
know what's going on.

"Myspace, News Corp says, could drive traffic to Fox Interactive Media.

And most importantly, Myspace has detailed logs of its users'
preferences, online behavior and personal information.

That could help the company tailor what it does to the
ever-more-discerning market which Mr Murdoch believes he has

2 8 1, 3 3 oh, eight zero zero fo

Remember when you were in grade school and the other kids would say a new cool word and it took you a little while to figure out what it ment. Mike Jones is those kids, heres one of my favorite qoutes from his album "Who Is Mike Jones".

"I got candy color on butter non-stoppers I call 'em cutters" -Mike Jones


if you want to get into photography but dont have the cash to get a snazzy camera, gat a holga. its an actual medium format camera, which means absoulutly nothing in this case, but i know they're really cheap, and you can tell all your friends you shoot medium format photography...cool.holgadotcom


I don't care if you hate rap, you have to love the Diplomats. Come on... Check out this interview with Jim Jones the top dog of the dipset crew, founder of Sizzurp and newley appointed A&R executive at Warner Brothers. Check it out here.


There is an interview with the guys who started L-R-G in the newest issue of the royal magazine. Check it out here. Just click through the magazine and you will find it along with a bunch of other great things.


Check out fat bmx for an interview with Mike Ardelean about Lavar.


What?? wasnt stussy cool in like 92. what the hell happened to it anyway? nothing really happened to it, I think their just less mainstream than they used to be. well whatever they did, their back making some pretty fresh jackets, peep the site!

David Carson

If you know graphic design then you know David Carson. Carson is one on the most influential designers when it comes to experimental type. He is a self taught graphic designer who has art directed for RayGun, Beach Culture, Quiksilver and Carson Designs. When you see his stuff you might think it is a bit out dated, but keep in mind that he was the first person to do any of this. You can check out this short film about David Carson by Hillman Curtis (one of the most amazing web designers) on his site. If you want to check out some more shorts by Hillman Curtis, click here. This one on Paula Scher is amazing.

blue blood

If you are looking for some new denim to get up on, check out blue blood brand. They don't have a website, but trust me on this one. My roomate just got a pair and they are HOT. Im sure if you look hard enough you can find them.

Lil' Kim

A year in prison sounds fun, doesn't it? Well it does for Lil' Kim...
Lil' Kim was sentenced to a year and a day in prison and fined $50,000 for lying to a federal grand jury to protect friends involved in a 2001 shootout when two of her 'crew' opened fire at some of her rivals outside hot 97-radio station in New York back in February 2001. Will Lil' Kim (#11), be given the same opportunites as Martha Steward (#55) after her release from prison, this remains to be seen.

I need Dubs

Ever heard that old LL cool J song "I need love" that was most likely a sample of some other older song? Well Master P has, and he's changed the lyrics up to....You guessed it "I need DUBS". The songs hot but unfortunatly Master P still isn't. Type this code into Google "?intitle:index.of? mp3 bandname" and put the artist your searching for where it says "bandname" and Google wil bring up sites that have lists of downloadable mp3's spyware free. Takes a bit to get used to but it works.


Incase just launched there 2005 line. They have a pdf will all of their new stuff... So HOT! If you haven't seen incase before, it's a company that makes great accessories for your mac or ipod, so if you are in the market for a new ipod cover don't mess around, get an incase one. My favriot is the ipod pouch that says "so many gigs i need a tour bus." Check out the incase site here.


if you haven't herd the new common album, or for that matter heard of common at all, check out this site common-music its amazing, well of course it is, it's all produced by kanye west anything he touches is good. so if your not into buying cd's, download it, whatever, just check it out!


If you haven't checked out the new Nixon stuff you should. Their new ad campaign is amazing and their products are always hot as hell. They are a great example of a company that spends money in the right spots. Granted they have a lot of money, but they would never let anything slip past that wasn't top notch.

metro bmx jam

The new Metro site just went up. The contest will be going down Labor day weekend in Vancouver B.C. September 1-4th. Check out the site here and make sure not to miss it.

McDonald's is Dope

McDonald’s is recruiting Russell Simmons, P. Diddy and Tommy Hilfiger to perform a miracle makeover: Turn its employees' mundane uniforms into hip street wear.

So I guess it will be cool to work forMcDonald's now. Can you imagin the little Asian girl that works at McDonald's rockin' a FUBU uniform with a Sean Jean due rag and Phat Pharm shoes.

Click here to read more.

The start

So here we are. This is just the start, there we will be so much more to come. If you are wondering what you are looking at, you are looking at the first version of Defgrip. Defgrip will be an online community for you. This will be the place to find out what is hot and what is going on in the world. We will be posting on everything from design to clothing to music to architecture, but we won't forget about BMX. We will be posting about the updates in the BMX world, such as new videos, shoes, sites etc. Our mission is to inform the BMX world of what is happening in and out of BMX. Keep you mind open, you will find some great stuff here.