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expn marketing

So I was checking out some clips from the xgames on expn.com when i noticed in their "awesome!" commercials before the video clips, the espn logo flashes for a quick second in there... They have a preview for deuce bigalo the male giggalo and in the middle of that their logo flashes. Can you say FUCKED. I can. I thought they put a ban to the whole subliminal marketing stuff. Oh well, better get all of the "extreme" kids to buy all of your shit, right? Well regardless of the gross subliminal advertising... and to ad one more thing, if there isn't enough fucking ads on the website, on the tv during the contest, on the course and all over the riders, you know, while there at it just throw some more in there. So as i was saying Scotty Cranmer got robbed big time. He did like 50 bizilian things in 60 seconds. Mira did some good stock Mira shit, but Scotty came through with some good bangers as well as fillers. If you haven't seen the stuff all over the TV or if your like me and don't have cable check out the expn site. While your at it your might as well join the Army or buy some Mountain Dew.


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