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Ben Watts

I was just in the bookstore and came across this book by Ben Watts called "big up." I'm pretty sure I have seen it before, but only the paper back, not the hard cover. The hard cover was the one I saw tonight and I think it was the size that drew me to it, it's like 28" tall. Ben Watts is Naomi Watts brother and he has been taking photos of Boxers, street kids, celebs, and what ever else since the 80's and his book is essentially a scrap book of his best stuff. The book was over $100 in the book store, but I found it on amazon for 40something. Psyched. Ben Watts doesn't have a site, but google him or check out these links.

This a little interview with him i found and you can flip through a few pages of his paperback on the youworkforthem site. Have at it!


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