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Apple at it again

So, by now I'm sure everyone knows, but apple just dropped a new iPod and iMac. Well start with the iMac... Thinner, Faster, and it comes with an iSight built in... hot. It also ships with a new program called FrontRow which is a buffed up version of iTunes that manages music, movies, and photos. The Mac will take over TiVo, DVD's and anything else. Just hook your MacMini up to your TV and you have all of you DVD's in one spot. You can even hack it into a TiVo as well.

The new iPod. Everyone who bought a Nano is bummed, but really, would you watch a movie from start to finish on your iPod? I don't think I would. It might be nice for when your out and about, sitting in an airport or something, but that is what I have a powerbook for. So I figured out what it would be good for... Quicktime clips... That clip of Fat Mike 360ing in NYC. Just download it, drop it onto your iPod and bring it with you to show all of your friends. I don't know... At least the new design with the wide screen looks dope.

You can check out more on the Apple site.
This one goes out to Shawn for keeping us in check.


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