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I was just browsing the interweb and came across some entertaining video clips on the wethepeople site. I guess they are outtakes from their Poland tour that's in Props 58. There is also a little short of Max Gaertig and Timo Mrukwia doing something with cellphones. I didn't really get it, but that could be because I watched it at work with no volume, so there is a good chance that it might make since if you have some volume going.

Here is the link. Just look down a few entries to 10-6.


Blogger poker-one said...

adidas/wethepeople colab...
that is some crazy shit!
Y3 limited to 50 bikes world wide.
i can not imagine how much that bike is gonna cost serious bread.

btw. im working on graphic ideas for stickers for yall. will email samples when complete, ayo!

2:46 PM  

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