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Steve Machuga and Ty Stuyvesant just released a new video called Transcend. Transcend is essentially a follow-up of Transylvania, but this time Steve edited half of the parts, Ty did the other half and put it together. The video consists of a pretty stacked roster - Sean Burns starts it off with a wild, but short part, followed by Anthony Neapolitan, Craig Kleckner and then goes into Ryan Worcester's part that starts off with some skiing footage. For those who don't know Ryan spends his winters on his ski's and he has some damn good clips prove he is not messing around. His riding part starts off with a great wreck on a swing set and is very solid all of the way through. Dennis McCoy follows Ryan up. His part is compiled of a bunch of old footage and a bunch of REALLY OLD footage... There is a clip in there that is 20 years old.... 1985, and it's fucking nuts. Seth Holton is next with a great intro and a fun part, followed by Jamie Bestwick, Steve Machuga, Pat Schreader, Nick Halsey, Jason Willis, Harrison Boyce (me), Dan Montgomery and again ends with a great part by Chris Martindale.

If you wan to pick up a copy drop one of them an email. Click here for Steve and here for Ty.


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