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MacNeil X Animal

This is a few days late, but MacNeil and Animal have teemed up to release a Animal seat using MacNeil's Pivotal seat technology. This means that Animal is dropping a seat that works like a MacNeil. Dope huh? I think so. Animal will be working on a post to go with the seat in the future, but for now you can just rock it with a MacNeil post. Now this is how companies should be working together.

You can check out the PR on bmxonline.


Blogger poker-one said...

that seat looks ill. way better than the stock macneil seat.

i am waiting for the new odyssey seats to drop tho'. the tan pleather looks real tight. i'll probly pair that up with a cut odsy intac post. i can't believe how light parts are getting.

8:09 AM  
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