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Kanye Live at Abbey Road

I know you are saying "Not another post on Kanye West..." Yes, this one is pretty hot. Kanye live at Abbey Road on the BBC. You can view Kanye's whole show with a live orchestra and special guest John Legend on the BBC site. Click here to see that shit and don't miss Kanye on Saturday Night Live next Saturday at 11:30.


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Anonymous ben said...

How about a real comment....That was one hot ticket! All was good then John Legend makes an appearance, ordinary people is sooo good. I hope they drop this one on a DVD, watching the lo qual. on my computer was nice, but seeing it on a tv with surround would be quite nice. Only beef is with the Touch the sky performance. I don't know how you can do that song and not have the horns, that is the most powerful part of that song. The strings just don't quite deliver the full sound of the horns. Ok maybe no one doing the Paul Wall verse on drive slow. Other than that, check it out.

7:35 AM  

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