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KC Badger

I meet KC for the first time in Whistler, didn't hang out with him much because I meet him 10 min. before I headed back to Seattle, but he's a cool kid, blew me away on his bike an he is one of the people in BMX that is definitely pushing the "make things look good and not be a dirtbag" movement. Which here at Defgrip, we are big supporters, if not leaders of. If you don't know, he goes to school so he can learn how to draw pictures, but I'm pretty sure he can do that already. There is a good KC post up on the Kink site. If they just let him update everyday that site would get so many more hits. Why don't they hire him as their art director? Oh wait... It's probably because he doesn't want to move to Rochester. Big ups to KC. Check out his post here


Anonymous kc said...

whoa.. thanks dude..

it means alot comin from you.

youve always been an inspiration.
ive told you that..

thnx again (c:

9:34 PM  
Blogger harrison said...

I didn't know you were up on defgrip.
good to see you checking the site.
email me some time. harrison@defgrip.com
hope things are good.

10:00 PM  
Anonymous JIM said...

KC rules. We will be using his artistic prowess over at Odyssey soon. Well, I guess we already used his color pallette on the KC Jr Saddle.

2:08 PM  
Anonymous Skyler Brittner said...

i met KC today and hes a cool guy...just needs to carry 5 tubes next time he rides the church. i hope to ride and see him more at the FH park.

7:56 PM  
Blogger AMN said...

KC is the best, he doesnt even need tubes, he can shred on just his rims, i seen him do it

10:59 AM  

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