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What the Fuck!

So I know all of this Hurricane stuff is pretty crazy and all you have probably heard about for the past few weeks, but this is so fucked... Andrew and I were looking at some photos of the Hurricane and the aftermath when we came across this sequence of photos. The title of the photo sequence was "the suffering continues."... I still can believe this as I'm typing it.... So we are looking at all of these photos of people stuck on their roof, carrying dead people... Just click on the link to see the photos in the order that they were presented. So in the middle of all of this horrible suffering there is a photo of a WHITE GIRL, dry, fed, laughing on here cell phone talking to her friend...

Here is the caption:
"Katie Maucher talks to a friend on her cell phone at the College of Charleston, Thursday, Sept. 1, 2005, in Charleston, S.C. Maucher transferred to the College of Charleston after Hurricane Katrina damage Tulane University in New Orleans."

The next photo is some fucking house burning to the ground and people dying... America is fucked.

Here is the link, look under September 1, 2005 > the suffering continues.


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