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I got this bit of info from Ben Ward. Thanks Ben.

Intermix/Myspace purchased by News Corp/Fox

News Corp. Owners of FOX News, also Bush supporters have purchased
Intermix - and thus Myspace. What does that mean for Myspace? I am not
sure. What does it mean for Myspacers that are not Bush supporters,
make your own opinion. Does this mean a huge swing back to Friendster?
It is hard to know. I just thought that people out there might want to
know what's going on.

"Myspace, News Corp says, could drive traffic to Fox Interactive Media.

And most importantly, Myspace has detailed logs of its users'
preferences, online behavior and personal information.

That could help the company tailor what it does to the
ever-more-discerning market which Mr Murdoch believes he has


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