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I thought I would throw this out there to cause more arguments. Since there has been disputes among our readers about the recent, nano/apple product update. Yes I am an Apple user and yes, I have to say mac fans tend to love there computers more than the average PC user, why? I don't really know, But I can put together maybe a reason why. It's like driving a new Mercedes or BMW, leather interior, climate control, navigation, whatever, german engineering, the works! Once you've driven one theres nothing else that comes close. A PC is like driving a KIA, bare minimum, chinsy, plastic, no options, just your simple commuter. What im trying to say in this analogy is, "full luxury, to no luxury". Its like once you go to a mac you'll never want to use a PC again. How can you go from a Mercedes or BMW back to a KIA?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

dude nice blog comparing a PC to a KIA is perfect...im cracking up

7:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sir, hate to say it but that was some of the gayest shit i have ever read. Maybe you should have titled your post pc/apple anal/orgy. Sike! j/k

9:17 PM  
Blogger databmx said...

hi, your blog rules
I like your work a lot

and apple is the shit, I'll never want to use a pc again

3:15 AM  
Anonymous Ryan said...

so this is what a kia's like... *hangs head in shame*

7:55 AM  
Blogger poker-one said...

sorry no. i went from driving a land rover discovery to a s&m twenty incher, and i am totally happy riding my bmx than driving around in a car. the thing is how you compared mac/pc to bmw/benzo...
see here they may be nice, but in europe they are like fords, chevy's and even kia's. to me its just a normal response that every mac user pulls off. "look at me! look at me! i have a MAC! wow wee i am sooo hip now i cant wait to tell the world!" seriously its a fucking computer, and the platform has been designed to be used by children, elderly, handicap persons, and total retards. next thing you know youll be saying how mac id the caviar of computer. i dont really think you know what else is out there. i just couldn't imagine a computer that has minimal upgrade possibilities and just stuck with a computer that will basically stay the same as when i bought it. i guess you have never gone to a car show and have seen what people do with their little cheap imports, or old ass hoopties.
i mean if that is the closed minded lifestyle you are trying to portray, theres nothing wrong with that. hey let people think for you and tell you whats cool. be blind to the world, fuck you're a hipster, really what do you care?
you bought a mac and you shot up to the top of the social status right? really come on. you bought a mac cause everyone else did, and everyone else bought a mac because they dont know how to use a computer. plain and simple.

8:39 AM  
Blogger poker-one said...

p.s. i am now thinking of getting a kia opirus and putting that shit on some dubs with spinner hubcaps, windshield wiper extensions with fins, gold rope license plate trim, a limo antenna, and blinking neon valve stems, just to spite you.

daewoo-tang kiarmy

8:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I compare Mac users to all the kids who drive STI's. Fact is most people who buy Macs buy them cause they are trendy, not because they are more useful. Of the 10 people i know who use macs, i can think of 3 that use them for there programs that are supiour to PC.

8:55 AM  
Blogger poker-one said...

i can understand having to use mac when a program was only available on mac. like protools. that is not the case anymore.

if you look on how apple compares their top of the line machine to a pentium celeron pc, well i know the mac will be better, but apple is the one who compares itself to a celeron. come on.

but really stick with macs people.
you are better off that way.
believe me i get into this shit all the time, and i am in no way trying to get people to switch over to pc. i am just over fuckers who think that they are the shit because they have an apple product.
i am really over seeing those itune adds everyfucking where, and at this point i am seriously over this topic.

9:05 AM  
Blogger poker-one said...

okay well just when i seen it all...

numark has come out with a mixer/ipod docking station.

you need to have 2 ipods to use it.

its like a dj/turntable set up but you have two ipods that you dock and you can mix your shit.

good for ravers i guess abut i dont think youll ever see a scratch let alone any kind of beat jugglin.

so at first i was like, hey thats a lil fly. but now that i have thought it over i have already dismissed this as just another gimmick. but hey dont listen to me, you better go now and cop one of the dual ipod mixing docking station things. you know you be cooler than cool when you get that shit homie. seriously why are you still reading this when you need to get the new shit for your ipod.
make sure you let everyone know you have it, i mean let everyone know how cool you are now that you have it, right?

9:45 AM  
Blogger andrew said...

jeez poker-one, get a life, its a blog... you've written like 3 pages of responses, I just posted it to mess with people!

10:25 AM  
Blogger poker-one said...

im bored at work what can i say. stuck in an office. passing time.
come on you know its fun.

11:35 AM  
Anonymous ben said...

Poker, you forgot to super glue a nano to the hood for an emblem. Damn, how could you forget that. All I know is that I have saved it seems tens of thousands of dollars on software since I went back to a MAC years and years ago. My PC sits empty and crashed and frankly what it is good at is being a money pit and dust collector. But what do I know, I'm at work and i am on a pc.

At home I just use virtual PC for cad programs. I don't see virtual MAC, I guess I missed that isle at the Fryes.

12:47 PM  
Blogger poker-one said...

you know i have to leave that space on the hood for a swan, geezo. rolls royce status. i think it would be pretty ill to put the limo antenna in front for an emblem and the swan on the trunk.

wait, you pay for programs. damn. i mean i know in a way it is wrong.
i guess i would be pissed if i dumped my skrilla into a box and it crashed. well it has happened several times. i just look at it like a hot-rod, you have to just take certain steps to make sure that nothing goes wrong, or else you blow you engine.

i just wanted to make it clear im not trying to start shit with any one i am just givin out my opinion

1:14 PM  
Anonymous rich said...

Mac is Caviar bitches. Buy a Kia I hurd they have good waranteez.

12:37 AM  
Blogger poker-one said...

mac is the LeCar. pc is the Yugo.
get it? same thing all and all and neither one will make you any cooler. as you can see i have barely stood up for a pc, i just think its ultra whack that people hype that shit up like its ghandi in a box.

9:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is how it is...

PC users can get programs for free, they are cheaper to buy and upgrade, more people can work on them, and there are more programs available, and they are better for people that enjoy the sport of computer programming

Mac users get a better looking machine, with better industrial design, that has a better user interface, they can't run CAD programs worth shit (Virtual PC slows it down to the point of worthless unless you are doing simple shit), they are more likely to buy their programs, and they don't have to deal with viruses because they are so few and far between no one bothers to write viruses for them. (there is a reason that there is no virtual Mac, it is becaUse everything is already offered for PC's, and microsoft just rips of macs interface a year or two later). Macs do not work better than PC's so the car analogy is out.

anyway, I prefer macs, but there are a lot of things about pcs that macs can't match an vice versa. so you guys should chill the fuck out and buy what you want. buy a mac for 2g's or build a more powerful pc for 500$ and get the screen for free from a friend, i don't care.

9:04 AM  
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